James M. Vining Jr. Family

Serious bunch of Vinings

Serious bunch of Vinings’¬† – Front row: Lawrence, James M., Sarah Wertz Linsley (Jane’s mother), Jane and Elnore (Nora) standing – Center: Irene (Rena) – Back row: Fred, Lester, Aaron, George, Harry, Earl and¬†cousin Ralph – ca. 1900



4 thoughts on “James M. Vining Jr. Family

  1. In my tree, I have Lawrence Vining: Birth 29 Nov 1892 in Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas, United States. That means in this photo he would be about 8 years old. Seems like a good fit.
    Elnore (Nora) Vining: Birth 12 Oct 1880 in Newark Twp., Wilson County, Kansas, USA, so she would be about 20 in this photo.
    Do you think she looks younger than 20 here? Maybe the photo is a few years earlier.


    • nhen1010

      I’m pretty sure the photo was taken in 1900. Nora does look younger than 20 though. Her dress looks like a young girls style. Maybe she is just short for her age.


      On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 6:26 PM, Then and Now wrote:



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