Almost Lost Picture of Nancy Jane Vining


Post provided by Karen Kolavalli:

We feel very fortunate to discover this large photograph on canvas of my great-grandmother Nancy Jane Ashlock Babcock Vining. It was in a tumble-down house in rural Madison, Kansas. Demolition was scheduled and before long it would have been gone forever. None of us even knew about this picture. It shows a younger, more vibrant woman than other photos we have of her when she was older.

Nancy Jane Babcock was born in Iowa in 1851, the daughter of  Ellenor Nancy Jane Wright and Ezra B. Babcock. When her husband, Burr Ashlock died, she had three young children to raise. She married Henry Vining in 1874.


The youngest of Nancy’s 12 children was my grandmother, Ruth Vining McGhee. Ruth was just a month old when her father died in 1897. The Widow Vining raised her 2 youngest children, Albert and Ruth, in Tyro, Kansas in the early 1900s.

Picture rescued by Karen Kolavalli and the photo edited by Virginia Allain

Nancy Jane Ashlock Vining (Rescued and framed by Karen Kolavalli)

You can read more about the discovery of this photo on my sister, Karen’s blog. There you see the condition of this family treasure.

(Virginia Allain touched up the photo shown here)


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