Lovely Vining Sisters’

Lester Vining's daughters', known as Rena and Nora - ca. 1918

James M. Vining Jr.’s daughters’, known as Rena and Nora – ca. 1918

Irene Vining married Harry C. Barnett and had one son. Irene and Harry’s son went on to establish the 3rd largest radio station in the Coachella Valley, in Palm Springs, CA, 1964. He and his wife Opal were honored in October 1999 on the 35th anniversary of the station with a star on “The Palm Springs Walk of Stars”, which is patterned after the Hollywood Walk of Stars. They were considered broadcasting pioneers.

Elnora married Frank Shetler and they had ten children together. Elnora finished raising the children by herself, as her husband decided he had had enough and left the family, to move to Washington state. She proved to be a strong pillar of the Vining family. Many remember her willingness to care for her sibling’s young children when called upon.


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