Nancy Henning’s grandfather Fred Nathaniel Vining


My grandfather Fred grew up in Neodesha, KS.  This is the next earliest photo I have and I think it might be his graduation photo.  He attended the Kansas State Normal School for teacher training.  He is the sixth from the left on the bottom row in the class picture below.  ca. 1908Fred Nathaniel ViningFred Vining graduating class from Normal School

Kansas State Normal School-Emporia, KS

The University was founded in March 1863 when the Kansas legislature passed the enabling act to establish the Kansas State Normal School. The school’s first graduating class consisted of two women—Ellen Plumb and Mary Jane Watson in 1867. The name “Normal” originated in France during the 17th century and was given to schools that had “model” classrooms or schools designed for, teachers-in-training, the proper practices of teaching students.


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