Fred and Blanche Vining’s children


Two years after Fred and Blanche were married, they started a family.  First came Bernice Irene in 1912 and then James Sylvester in 1915

               Age 21 mo.                         Age 6 mo.

Bernice Vining age 21 mos. 1912

Age 21 months Bernice Irene Vining

James Vining age 6 mos. 1915

James and Bernice approximately 3 yrs. and 5 yrs. old

Bernice and James Vining

                                                       In 1917 Bertha Lorene came along.

             Bernice, Lorene and James ca. 1918 or 1919

and below in 1919 Mildred Naomi.  The photo to the right shows Lorene studying mom Blanche’s technique for cranking up the old Model T.

                       Fred and Blanche's young family                          Lorene standing by while mom Blanche cranks up the old Model T

         The following is the last photo taken of Mildred Naomi to the left, with older sister Lorene         the right. Mildred tragically perished from an accidental gunshot incident.

                          Mildred Naomi and Bertha Lorene Vining


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