Blanche Vining’s WPA photo


Blanche Vining working in the W. P. A. sewing room ca. 1937

Here is a picture of Inez B. Vining working in a WPA program sewing room in 1937.  She is sitting in front of the lady standing close to the center of the room.

The CWA (Civil Works Administration) was the Roosevelt administration’s first major work program, one of many created by Franklin D. Roosevelt,  towards the end of the Great Depression to get folks back to work and restore the nation’s infrastructure.  The WPA (Works Progress Administration) employed women in sewing rooms in almost every city and small town.  The WPA distributed the cloths to people on relief and ran mobile lending libraries, as well as, having pack horse librarians in rural areas.  The WPA also cleared swampy mosquito invested areas to make free flowing water canals and renovated public buildings, such as schools.  I was amazed at the list of works attributed to the WPA in that era.


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