McGhee Family Gathering


Looking at the age of my mother, Gail, in this photo, I’d say it was from the mid-1930s.

1930s McGhee family gathering.

1930s McGhee family gathering.

The two girls in front are Gail and Melba McGhee. On the left is Roy McGhee, Gail’s uncle and his wife Viola in front of him. She’s arm-in-arm with two women that may be her Bolte sisters. Gail and Melba’s aunt, Bertha McGhee, is standing behind them. Their grandmother, Viola Matilda (Tower) McGhee is next to Bertha.

Austin McGhee stands on the right side of the photo. An unidentified couple, possibly Jesse McGhee and his wife, Dora, are at the back.

(Thank you, Karen Kolavalli, for helping identify these.)


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