Throwback Thursday – Martins Gather at the Reading House


Martin reunion in Reading_editedThis was discussed in the Martin Joy Kennedy Stone Family History group on Facebook. If you haven’t joined yet, you are missing some great photos and family memories.

Here are the details on this one:

Virginia Allain – Martin family gathered in Reading, KS. I think Marge just pinched Mom (Gail).

Karen Kolavalli – Dad is grinning from ear to ear, so I think he’s in on it, too! Dorothy must be the photographer–her 1st husband Orville is in the photo, but not her. Well, Howard’s not in the photo either!

Christine Griffith Crawford – Can you list who’s who?

Karen Kolavalli – Front row, l to r: Marge Martin, Gail Martin, Vivian Stafford, Orville Stafford, Zella Baysinger.

Back row, l to r: Ren Martin, Clyde Martin, Cora Martin, Ed Stafford, Tom Baysinger.



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