Erastus Clarkston Vining and Wife Elizabeth


An old family photo has many stories to tell. This one was posted by Goldie Vining to Rootsweb.

She identified them as:

Back row, from left: Minnie Essie Boraker Vining; Walter James Vining; Charles Augustus (Fiddlin’ Jake of The Shepherd Of The Hills) Vining; George Boraker; Lena Boraker (Baby); and Cora May Vining Boraker.
Front row, from left: Ica Boraker; Erastus Clarkston Vining (brother of Henry Vining, uncle of Ruth Vining McGhee); Elizabeth Ritzon Vining; and Annie Boraker.

Boraker and Vining Families

Let’s take those names and find more about the family. Here is Erastus C. Vining and his wife Elizabeth and daughter Dora in the 1870 U.S. census for Belmont, Woodson County, Kansas. Since Cora May was born in 1869, it is likely that the census taker recorded her name incorrectly with a D instead of a C.

The U.S. census shows a number of Vining families living close together in Woodson County, Kansas.

The U.S. census shows a number of Vining families living close together in Woodson County, Kansas. CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO SEE IT LARGER

Notice in the 1870 census that the first Vining family on the list is Erastus’ father, James Vining, age 58. Under his name are his sons, James, age 21, and Franklin, age 15; and daughter Jennie, age 14.

Next on the list is John Vining, age 37 (no wife); son John, age 12; and daughter Ida, age 4. John would be the son of James Vining and the brother of Erastus. He had a son John Jr. and a daughter Ida with his first wife, Josephine. I’m guessing that she died between 1867 and 1870. Their third daughter is absent here. Possibly the 3-year-old was being taken care of by another family. John married Ellenor J Babcock (called Ellen) in 1871.

The third Vining family in this census is Henry Vining, age 32, and Charles Vining, age 25. These match up with the ages of James Vining’s sons Henry Francis Vining and Charles A. Vining (Erastus’ older and younger brothers).

Clarification of Vining and Boraker Family Relationships

I’d estimate this photo as 1906 based upon the baby in the picture.

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