Dacy Richards Joy


I’m puzzled by the first name of my 2nd great-grandmother, Dacy Richards Joy. Dacy is sometimes seen as a surname, and passing surnames down as a first name is a common practice. Generally, the Dacy surname when given to a baby girl, it becomes Darcy.

Looking back on her parents and grandparents, there are Richards, Sasscer, Throne, and Wight. I’ve yet to find any Dacys among the last names. I’ll try to follow these lines back further to see if there are some Dacys somewhere.

Dacy Elizabeth Richards was born on March 18, 1843, when her father, George Richards, was 53. Her mother’s name was Sarah Ann Sasscer and she died in 1843. Her parents had moved from Maryland to Pennsylvania where she was born. Her father had been a postmaster in Bryantown, Charles County, Maryland.

The records I have are rather skimpy. Did her mother die giving birth to Dacy? Her father died a few years later in 1855. Who raised Dacy and how did she end up in Kansas? The further I look into the Richards and the Sasscers, the more questions pop up. The Sasscer listed as her mother was 59 at the time of Dacy’s birth. That makes me wonder if there were 2 Sarah Anns and the trees are leaving out a generation.

In the 1870 census, Dacy is shown as being born in Ohio. Other family trees show her as being born in Illinois. I’m going to look at census listings in both of those states, but also in Pennsylvania and Kansas. Perhaps she’s not a Sasscer at all or even a Richards. She could have been married before with Richards being her married name.

She married George Washington JOY on March 22, 1862, in Douglas, Kansas. They had eight children in 12 years. She died as a young mother on May 25, 1876. I noted that she died the day after the twins, Frank and Ella, were born. The babies, Frank Peter and Ella Susan  lived less than 3 months, then died too. That leaves her husband with 2-year-old Henry, 5-year-old Hattie, 7-year-old Will, 9-year-old Lois, 11-year-old Sarah, and Mary Frances age 13 to raise.

gw joy life clipping from eudora ks paper

Eudora Weekly News

With the Joy names and dates, I’m on more solid ground. The family has a photo of Dacy and George W. Joy. We have his newspaper obituary which gives her full name and their marriage date. I still don’t know where Dacy is buried, so that and the other questions need further attention.

She is not listed for the Eudora City Cemetery where other Richards are buried or in the Hesper Friends Church Cemetery where her husband was later buried or the Deay Cemetery.

george washington joy and dacy

George Washington Joy and first wife, Dacy Richards

Later on, I see a granddaughter named Daisy Oshel. I’m wondering if she was named after her grandmother, Dacy, but the family went with the conventional spelling of Daisy. Sadly, this granddaughter died quite young.

This post is part of the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge. The topic for the 3rd week was an unusual name. #52Ancestors

Further research led me to cross out 4 paragraphs above. I’ll make a new post about Dacy’s family who are unlikely to be the Richards and Sasscers that I previously had attached to her. It seems that her father’s first name was much more unusual and I’m still grappling with what the correct spelling for it is.

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