Family Dates for July




Henry Alfred Joy (paternal great-grandfather)
Died – 2 July 1937 • Hamilton, Greenwood, Kansas

Eleanor Dunn (paternal 3rd great-grandmother)
Died – 3 July 1850  • Butler County, Pennsylvania

Marie C. Kennedy (paternal great-grandmother)
Died – 6 July  1945 • Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas

Mary “Polly” Bysebe/Byxbe/Bixby (3rd great-grandmother)
Born – 8 July 1799 • Somerset, Pennsylvania

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Thomas Ellison (paternal 3rd great-grandfather)
Born – 10 July 1809 • Madison, Kentucky

Sarah Vest Munroe (maternal 3rd great-grandmother)
Born – 10 July 1811 • Kentucky

Almira H Buckland (maternal 2nd great-grandmother)
Born – 13 July 1813 • Broad Brook, East Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut

Mary “Polly” Bysebe/Byxbe/Bixby (maternal 3rd great-grandmother)
Died – 13 July 1851 • Wabash, Indiana

Clarence Oliver McGhee & Ruth Vining (maternal grandparents)
Married – 14 July 1917 • Tyro, Montgomery, Kansas

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Ezra B Babcock (maternal 2nd great-grandfather)
Died – 15 July 1886 • Piatt, Illinois

John Thomas Martin (paternal great-grandfather)
Died – 27 July 1944 • Madison, Greenwood, Kansas

Henry Francis Vining (maternal great-grandfather)
Died – 28 July 1897 • Chetopa, Wilson, Kansas

The format is what genealogists use (day month year) and for locations (town, county, state). Paternal and maternal refer to whether it is my father or mother’s side of the family. The relationships are how they are related to me, but other family members like cousins will have to adjust that to fit themselves. For privacy reasons, no living names were included.

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