Sepia Saturday – Woman Worker


I puzzled over finding a female ancestor in a work situation wearing goggles. Trying to match the topic, setting, and elements of the challenge photo in this week’s Sepia Saturday had me stumped.

I did have a photo of Mom (Gail Lee Martin) wearing her work uniform from Boeing Aircraft during World War II. Although she isn’t wearing goggles, it is quite possible that while working there she might have.

gail mcghee boeing wichita

Gail McGhee dressed for work at Boeing in 1940s.

Here’s the challenge photo:

Woman Aeroplane Worker : Sepia Saturday 498 Header

A woman airplane worker.

Another photo nagged at my mind, so I hunted it up. It was of a great-aunt, Sarah Martin in 1913. Her head is bent over her work. No goggles, no headscarf, no welding equipment, but it’s a great photo of a woman intently engaged in her work.

Sarah Martin 1913

Sarah Martin in Madison, Kansas in 1913.

If you’d like to see what the other bloggers chose for their Sepia Saturday photo, they post them in one place.

If you’d like to read more about my mother’s experience at the aircraft factory, you can read those on Discovering Mom, a blog about her life.

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