Fun in the Good Old Days


Every Saturday, I get a photo prompt from the Sepia Saturday challenge. This time they showed a vintage photo of children on a playground. The hard part is for other bloggers to find a photo in their own family album with that theme.

I grew up in the country, so our playground was the pastures, the creek, and the woods. We did have that red wagon which served both for fun and also was useful for bringing firewood for the woodstove that heated our poorly-insulated farmhouse.

cindy in barrel wagon

Looking back to my mother’s generation, they were oil camp kids in the 1930s and 1940s.  They appear in the picture below to be out on the prairie. Perhaps just taking a walk. That almost looks like a lake behind them so perhaps this is a photo from a trip.

They don’t look like they are having much fun at the moment the photo was snapped. Hopefully, after that, they scampered about picking wildflowers and chasing butterflies.

Gail, Carol, Treva Mae, Viola Matilda McGhee

This photo might be 1936, as that’s Gail Lee McGhee with her arm around her little sis, Carol Jean. A cousin Treva Mae Davidson, and their grandmother, Viola Matilda (Tower) McGhee are on the right.

children and milk barrels

What can you do with a milk can? For Kansas kids, it becomes a horse to ride.

Here’s the photo from the Sepia Saturday challenge that inspired my search for kids having fun.

7 thoughts on “Fun in the Good Old Days

  1. The milk can horses – love that! And those sweet little dirty feet. Looking at this photo and so many in my own collection, I often wonder who took the picture and why at that moment. Usually in old family photos everyone was lined up posing for the camera. What thoughts were going through the camera-holder that made them want to save this moment on film?


  2. La Nightingail

    Would that we all still had the imagination we possessed as children when we could believe anything could be anything limited only by a lack of imagining! Love both the barrel on the wagon (to make a covered or gypsy wagon?), and the milk can horses. Children’s unlimited minds are a wonder to behold. 🙂

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  3. Wonderful candid (almost not posed) photos of children at play. With the investment in film and cameras, the less important parts of childhoods were often not included in recording them…just the birthdays and special occasions. Thanks so much for your great photos.


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