The Bourne Family Plot


It’s not always easy to find where an ancestor was buried. Quite often in colonial and pioneer times, families started their own family plot for burials. Time passed, families moved on or died out, and all that was left was an untended, isolated collection of headstones.

Whit Nuckolls provided this photo of the Bourne Family Cemetery

That’s why I was thrilled when a DNA match contacted me to say he was trying to fix up the Bourne cemetery in Grayson County, Virginia.

Our Family Connection

William Bourne Sr, my 5th great-grandfather was born 23 August 1743 in Louisa County, Colony of Virginia. He married 15-year-old Rosamund Jones in 1765 in Hanover.

New land opened up in 1768 when the Iroquois Nation signed a treaty and white settlement began in land south of the Ohio River and west of the Cumberland mountains. This led to William and Rosa getting a land grant in 1782 in southwest Virginia.

Our line is descended from their daughter, Charity, who was born in Grayson County on 17 November 1775. Charity married John Blair.

William Bourne Sr 1743-1836 – my 5th great-grandfather

Charity Bourne 1775-1860 – Daughter of William Bourne Sr

Rebecca Blair 1801-1879 – Daughter of Charity Bourne

Lorenzo Dow Stone 1833-1917 – Son of Rebecca Blair

Cordelia Jane STONE 1865-1946 – Daughter of Lorenzo Dow Stone

Charles Lorenzo “Ren” Martin 1891-1968 – Son of Cordelia Jane STONE

My father


The Letter

My name is Stephen Nuckolls and, like you, I am a descendent of William Bourne and Rosa Jones. Today, their homestead and the old family cemetery still stand in present-day Spring Valley in Grayson County. Unfortunately, the cemetery has become overgrown and the stones are in poor condition. We have created a GoFundMe to help maintain the cemetery and we hope you will donate! Stephen Nuckolls

The link for the Bourne Cemetery Go-Fund-Me if family members want to help preserve the graves of our 5th great-grandparents, William and Rosamund Bourne.

I’ve ordered this book from Amazon to learn more about my Bourne ancestors and what life was like for them and other early settlers in Grayson County, Virginia. Click on it to request a sample for your Kindle or to “See Inside the Book.”

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