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I can rattle off the surnames that populate our family tree after some years of working on them. There’s Martin, McGhee, Vining, Joy, Stone, Kennedy, Tower, Babcock, Buckland, and Richards. I’m getting more familiar this year with Summers, Ellison, Wright, and Blair but still have a lot to learn about those.

The DNA test has opened up new connections and using Ancestry’s DNA tool (called Thrulines), I find new probable ancestors to investigate. Even though I share DNA with a dozen or more people that links back to the names below, it’s important to verify and document their place on my family tree.

It gets tricky following the female lines, so I’m on new territory with:

Elizabeth [Betsy] Stubblefield
BIRTH 28 JUN 1793 • Sullivan Co., Tennessee
DEATH 10 OCT 1860 • DeKalb, Buchanan, Missouri
3rd great-grandmother

Sarah Easley
BIRTH 1 DEC 1752 • Chesterfield County, Virginia
DEATH 1817 • Hawkins, Grainger, Tennessee
4th great-grandmother

Betsy’s mother was Sarah Easley who was born 1 Dec 1752 in Chesterfield County, Virginia. She died 1817 in Hawkins, Grainger, Tennessee. Someone later in the family must have been Mormon, as I found this, “She was sealed to her parents on 14 Sep 1796 in the Atlanta Georgia temple. Sarah was baptized 12 May 1778. She was endowed 15 Jun 1778. Sarah married Robert Loxley Stubblefield on 15 Jul 1772 in Halifax County, Virginia.”

I found out that applying Mormon rituals binding people can be done by a descendant. The people can be long dead, never having been members of the Mormon faith. The Mormon Church started in 1830.

My thanks goes out to the people who preserve these records and digitize them. The Stubblefield Bible is in the Tennessee State Archives. I’m sure many researchers have been ahead of me so I’m anxious to see what they’ve found and connect all the dots.

What were their lives like in Colonial Virginia and in the frontier times in Tennessee? I see in their dates and locations the steady westward movement that formed these United States.

Here’s the complete line of descent:

Sarah Easley 1752-1817 4th great-grandmother
Elizabeth [Betsy] Stubblefield 1793-1860 – Daughter of Sarah Easley
Martha Ann Carrol 1837-1887 -Daughter of Elizabeth [Betsy] Stubblefield
Cordelia Jane Stone 1865-1946 Daughter of Martha Ann Carrol
Charles Lorenzo “Ren” Martin 1891-1968 – Son of Cordelia Jane STONE
My Dad

4 thoughts on “Newest Ancestor

  1. Michael’s comment has me wondering, too. Mormon missionaries arrived in Georgia in the 1840s. Atlanta’s history only dates back to 1836. I wondered if other faiths, such as the Quakers, used the same language, but even then the temple reference is puzzling. Is it possible your dates on Sarah are mixed up?


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