Matching Photos


The photo of my father, Clyde Martin, as a baby has always made me smile. Sitting on his grandfather’s lap, he’s sucking his thumb and frowning. His older sisters are in the picture too but unfortunately, some of the children are cut off at the bottom. The grandparents are Alfred and Marie Kennedy Joy.

Marie and Alfred Joy with their grandchildren. About 1924 or 1925.

I found a companion photo just today. The grandparents aren’t in this newly discovered picture, but there’s Baby Clyde with the same children in the same clothing, sitting on the steps of the same porch. Even the dog made it into this photo.

The expressions on their faces are a great improvement over the previous picture. Since there were only 4 older sisters, I’m guessing that some of the children are their cousins.

Clyde Martin (baby) and his siblings and possibly cousins, about 1924 or 1925.

There are no names on the photo, but the children (in descending age) would be Dorothy, Helen, Vivian, Zella, Ralph, and Clyde. Howard and Charles were born later. The little girl in the ruffled shirt looks very much like Clyde’s daughter, Karen, but obviously is not unless there was some kind of time warp.

Below, you see the grown-up Clyde Martin in 1955 and Karen in the sailor dress. Notice that her sister Cindy has a similar haircut with bangs as the children in the 1920s.

Clyde, Gail, Karen, and Cindy – about 1955

Here’s another picture posted on Ancestry by a 2nd cousin and nicely labeled with names. This gives us the identity of two of the girls and they are first cousins of Clyde Martin and his siblings. That means the girl in plaid, and the three dark-haired girls in the first picture would be the Martin sisters.

Harry and Mildred (Millie) Joy and their daughters Harriett and Louise.

Searching further in my disorganized digital collection of family photos, I found Lorenzo and Cora Martin with their six children. Many thanks to my ancestors for photographing everyone on this occasion in 1925.

I’m glad to finally match all of these up.

Cora and Ren with their children. 1925

Week 2 of the 52 Ancestors Challenge – Topic: Favorite Find

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