Davidson and McGhee Children


Here are some cousins gathered for a photo, around 1940. My mother had labeled the photo: Neita Cleo, Treva, Sam, Nancy, Frank, Frances. The problem was, I didn’t know which child matched which name.

A photo labeled Neita Cleo, Treva, Sam, Francis and Frankie.

A photo labeled Neita Cleo, Treva, Sam, Nancy, Frank and Frances.

I was fairly sure of Frank and Frances as the two dark haired children on the left.

I asked Leslie Paugh and here’s his answer: “Tallest girl is Treva May Davidson Paugh. My wife. Girl to her right is Neita Cleo Davidson Robbs. Boy on front row on right is Samuel Theadore Davidson. Girl holding his hand is Nancy Jane Davidson Courter. Girl on far left is Frances McGhee. Boy to her left is Frank McGhee. I don’t know the other two boys.”

We’ll keep working on this one. Pass this along to other family members who might know the answer.

Who are these two boys?

Who are these two boys?

Frank and Frances McGhee (born 1937 and 1936) were the adopted children of Viola (Bolte) and Roy McGhee. The Davidson children are Ethel (McGhee) and Chleo Davidson’s. The unidentified children might be McGhees, Boltes, Davidsons or merely neighborhood kids.