Some of Our English Roots


Some months back, I took the Ancestry DNA test. As expected, it showed much of my heritage links back to the British Isles. That part matches what I’m finding as I work on my family tree. Below the chart, I list some of the family lines and where they came from in England.

ancestry dna map.png
Our English Ancestors:

  • Bates family came from Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire
  • Bixby ancestor came from Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk
  • Browning family came from Maldon, Essex
  • Collier family came from Southwark, Surrey
  • Goodale ancestor came from Ipswich, Suffolk
  • King, West, and Pease ancestors came from Great Baddow, Essex
  • Long ancestors came from West Riding, Yorkshire
  • Putnam ancestors came from Tring, Hertfordshire
  • Tower family came from Hingham
  • Vining ancestors came from Wincanton

I found one suggestion that our Joy family changed their name from Joyce in the 1500s when they moved from Ireland to England. I’ll have to search further on that.

Karen has found indications that the Martin family may trace back to France. There will be more work on that line. We know the Rosebaugh line is from Germany. Various invasions of England over the centuries might account for the Scandinavian part of the DNA. Vikings, you know.

It’s Grandparents Day


I’d like to feature my father’s parents, my grandparents, Cora Joy and Lorenzo Martin. It’s National Grandparents Day!

Cora Joy and Lorenzo (Ren) Martin on their wedding day February 27, 1915.

Cora Joy and Lorenzo (Ren) Martin on their wedding day.

When Cora Myrle Joy was born on November 18, 1896, in Baldwin City, Kansas, her father, Henry Alfred Joy, was 22 and her mother, Marie Kennedy, was 31. She married Charles Lorenzo “Ren” Martin on February 27, 1915, in Madison, Kansas. They had eight children in 24 years. She died on November 16, 1969 at the age of 72, and was buried at Blakely Cemetery.

When Charles Lorenzo “Ren” Martin was born on May 26, 1891, in Madison, Kansas, his father, John Thomas Martin, was 24 and his mother, Cordelia Jane Stone, was 26. Ren died on March 28, 1968 at the age of 76, and was buried at Blakely Cemetery, Madison, Kansas.

Photos of the Bob Martin Family


We are so lucky to meet some distant cousins on Facebook. They are interested in the family history too and shared some vintage photos.

To get you oriented, here’s how Robert Cecil Martin fits on our family tree:

Robert Cecil Martin on my family tree

Robert Cecil Martin on my family tree

Many thanks to Skyler Martin, Jona Martin, Linda Haney and Sarah Michelle Martin for preserving and sharing these family images:

Sarah Martin in 1913 at Hilltop, south of Madison, Kansas.

Sarah Martin in 1913 at Hilltop, south of Madison, Kansas.

Sarah Anceldell Clark was born on February 7, 1892, in Toronto, Kansas. Her father, Charnel, was 49 and her mother, Malinda Jane Richardson, was 40 (both were born in Indiana). Sarah married Robert Cecil MARTIN on March 8, 1916, in her hometown. They had one child during their marriage, Robert Cecil Martin Jr.

Here's Sarah and Bob Martin celebrating their 50th anniversary in 1966.   (photo from the collection of Linda Martin Haney)

Here’s Sarah and Bob Martin celebrating their 50th anniversary in 1966.
(photo from the collection of Linda Martin Haney)

When Robert Cecil MARTIN was born on September 7, 1893, in Madison, Kansas, his father, John Thomas Martin, was 27 and his mother, Cordelia Jane Stone, was 28.

Bob was 24 years old and living in Greenwood, Kansas, when he registered for the World War I draft.

He, his wife and son lived in Janesville, Kansas.

Robert died at 74 on Jan 24, 1968 in Phoenix, Arizona. Sarah died on August 19, 1974, in Madison, Kansas, at the age of 82, and was buried there.

(Let me know if anything needs correcting or if you have more photos to include)

Throwback Thursday – Martins Gather at the Reading House


Martin reunion in Reading_editedThis was discussed in the Martin Joy Kennedy Stone Family History group on Facebook. If you haven’t joined yet, you are missing some great photos and family memories.

Here are the details on this one:

Virginia Allain – Martin family gathered in Reading, KS. I think Marge just pinched Mom (Gail).

Karen Kolavalli – Dad is grinning from ear to ear, so I think he’s in on it, too! Dorothy must be the photographer–her 1st husband Orville is in the photo, but not her. Well, Howard’s not in the photo either!

Christine Griffith Crawford – Can you list who’s who?

Karen Kolavalli – Front row, l to r: Marge Martin, Gail Martin, Vivian Stafford, Orville Stafford, Zella Baysinger.

Back row, l to r: Ren Martin, Clyde Martin, Cora Martin, Ed Stafford, Tom Baysinger.


Odd Names on the Martin Family Tree


My great-great grandparents, Charles Coleman Martin and Sarah Ann Ellison Martin, selected some unusual names for their children. I’ll research these a bit to see if there is some famous person that inspired the names.

►Milton Martenis MARTIN 1857 – 1879, Google wasn’t much help with this one. It felt I misspelled Milton Martinez and gave me thousands of results for that hispanic name.
►Upha Penina MARTIN 1858 – 1935, called Effie (that’s even on her gravestone). Apparently Penina is a variation on the Greek name Penelope.
►My great grandfather, John Thomas Martin was the middle child. Somehow he ended up with a fairly ordinary name.
►Francis Marion MARTIN 1868 – 1950, This one is likely named after Francis Marion of Revolutionary War fame, otherwise known as the Swamp Fox. The family called him Frank.
►Cora Gozena Martin 1875 – 1968, called Grace. Gozena doesn’t show up in the baby name directories at all. It sounds vaguely Italian though my family is not of Italian origin.

When the census taker came around in 1870, he was given the names Frank (age 1), Effie, John, and Milton, so even at a young age, the family did not use their fancy names for the children. Cora wasn’t born yet. The family lived in Lyon County, Kansas at that time.

Martin Siblings

Martin Siblings

The photo is from our family album. It shows John Thomas and Frank (L to R), Cora and Effie (L to R).

Which Girl Is Cora Joy?


My mother had this photo in her collection and had noted her guess on its reason for being in our family photos. She thought that it included my dad’s mother, Cora Joy.

My mother wrote on the back of this picture that it might be Cora Joy's high school picture (Hamilton High School).

My mother wrote on the back of this picture that it might be Cora Joy’s high school picture (Hamilton High School).

That would mean the photo is of Hamilton High School students in Greenwood County, Kansas. Cora was born in 1896, so this photo would be 1912 or around that time.

The problem is that I don’t know which one of the girls is my grandmother. I do have a portrait of Cora at age 16 and am trying to compare. In that photo, she wore a big bow so my eye immediately went to the girl on the right with the big bow. The hair part doesn’t look right though.

Cora Myrle Joy

Cora Myrle Joy

I’ve left both photos at their full size so you can compare the details.

How Is Margaret Claggett Related to the Martin Family?


I received this fascinating query from Joanna McKenna, a dedicated family history researcher and distant relation. We met when I commented on her Kansas history article on the Hubpages website.

Here’s her search that she’s hoping we might know more about:

“Because it’s the holidays, I’m hoping when your family gathers there’ll be someone who knows how Margaret A. CLAGGETT was a first cousin of your Charles Coleman Martin and his siblings.

Margaret A. Claggett never married.  She was born 26 January 1826 in Muhlenberg Co, KY, died 7 FEB 1916 in Emporia and buried at Chicago Mound.

Where Margaret fits on the Martin family tree has been a continuing source of frustration ever since I came across her in the 1880 KS census.  Recently I also discovered her and an older woman named “Anna Claggett” (whom I assume was her mother) in the 1860 and 1870 censuses of Deerfield Twp, Fulton Co, IL.  They were in the household of my WEAVER cousin, Joshua Weaver, and second wife, the former Eliza Ann MARTIN, sister of Thomas Claggett Martin and your Charles Coleman Martin.

Margaret Claggett was shown as a cousin of the Head of Household, but of course she was really his wife Eliza’s cousin.

  • How she was a first cousin of Charles, Eliza and Thomas is the question.
  • Was the (mother?) Anna (born 1785 NC, died after 1870) a sister of John H. Martin who married a Claggett?
  • Or was Anna a sister of John H. Martin’s wife Martha SUMMERS, daughter of William Summers?

I can’t find Anna or Margaret anywhere in the 1850 census, but the fact that they were welcomed as permanent houseguests at Joshua and Eliza (Martin) Weaver’s in Fulton Co IL, and then Margaret alone by Thomas Claggett Martin’s family in Lyon Co KS suggests that Anna had a private income (i.e. an inheritance as the widow of Margaret’s father?) which Margaret subsequently inherited at Anna’s death. Margaret apparently wasn’t penniless when she died in 1916, as Henry R. Martin was appointed Executor of her estate, whatever that estate entailed.

Her obituary in the Emporia Gazette is quite emphatic that she had no other living relatives other than her Martin cousins and their children.  Something about that declaration set off alarm bells.  What about relatives on the Claggett side?  Very odd.

If I weren’t so far from Emporia, I’d go to the Lyon  County Courthouse to look up Margaret’s estate papers.  As it is, if you could ask around among the Martin clan for any information about Margaret and (mother?) Anna, I’d be most grateful!”