Another McGhee Reunion


It wasn’t easy for the McGhee siblings to get together with some on the west coast, some in Kansas, and Bertha living in Alaska. Here’s one occasion preserved in a snapshot. I’m labeling it here for the benefit of future generations. I believe the photo was taken in front of Austin’s church in Oregon.

1971 mcghee reunion from bob harlan

The 1971 McGhee reunion (photo from the collection of Bob Harlan)


The six McGhee brothers and sisters are marked in bold in the list below. The rest are their spouses and children and grandchildren. The extended family is much larger, of course, as many could not travel to the reunion.

  1. Ronda Ayers (Cheryl’s son)
  2. Randy Ayers (Cheryl’s son)
  3. Jeffry Hauser (Melba’s son)
  4. Melba Hauser (Austin’s daughter)
  5. Allen Hauser (Melba’s son)
  6. Tammy Hauser (accidentally labeled as 5)
  7. David Robbs (Neita’s husband)
  8. Neita Robbs (Ethel’s daughter)
  9. Janice Hauser (Melba’s daughter)
  10. Bertha McGhee
  11. Edna
  12. Dan Robbs (Neita’s son)
  13. Dana (Austin’s daughter)
  14. Kerry (Austin’s daughter)
  15. Neita McGhee (Austin’s wife)
  16. Ethel Davidson
  17. Edna McGhee (Clarence’s wife)
  18. Austin McGhee
  19. Nell (Lealon’s wife)
  20. Lealon McGhee
  21. Roy McGhee
  22. Loren McGhee
  23. Cheryl Ayers (Austin’s daughter)
  24. baby? doll? blanket?
  25. Rodney Ayers (Cheryl’s husband)
  26. Frank
  27. Kenneth Robbs (Neita’s son)
  28. Clarence McGhee