Mystery Ancestor


There was some discussion in the family to determine if this might be a picture of Nancy Angeline Long Tower. It seems of an older era than her daughter Viola Matilda Tower McGhee.

Back in 2009, I ran this picture by Pat Ruble (the Tower genealogy person) and she says it sure isn’t Nancy Angeline Tower, so anyone want to guess who it is?

In 2013, Helen Ruth Morris Johnson contributed this information, “This is not a Tower. I found some time ago that this was a Newton. Just don’t know which one. I tried to find the correspondence that told me who it was and couldn’t find it. When we moved up here, the movers spilled 2 drawers – one from each of my small file cabinets. It’s hard to find anything and I have not spent the hours it will take to fix it.

I sent some pictures to Bertha some years ago that were of people I knew nothing about. She had some extras made and sent them to several family members and kept a copy just in case. I had forgotten all about that until the last time one of these pictures came up.”

Mystery ancestor - from the Newton line.

Mystery ancestor – from the Newton line.

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